GB3SE first became operational from its original site in September 1985 and then from its present location in 1996. GB3SE also shares its location with GB3VT on 2 metres, GB3ST and GB7ST on 70 cms.

This repeater like all others is open and free for all licence amateurs to use.


But it is not free to keep on air, please support this repeater before this free service runs out of money and is gone for good.

Cost £156 to keep on air in 2018


  • Channel RM03

  • Repeater Output: 1297.0750 MHz  

  • Repeater input   : 1291.0750 MHz

  • CTCSS tone 103.5 Hz or 1750Hz tone burst

  • Repeater output transmits a continuous carrier 24/7. "Beacon Mode" 

  • Antenna polarization vertical

  • Access, either a tone burst (1750Hz) or CTCSS  (103.5Hz), in the normal way.

  • QRA locator IO83WA, 273 metres, 887 feet above sea level north east of the City of Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. United Kingdom.