GB3ST News

A large number of the regular users on GB3ST are not members of the repeater group. This repeater like all others is open and free for all licence amateurs to use.


But it is not free to keep on air, please join the UKFM Group Western before this free service runs out of money and is gone for good.


2016 GB3ST cost £158 to keep on air.



The Logic system has now been repair and under test on the bench. Thank you to Ian G8MVV for supplying CMOS ICs which was a great help to resolving the fault. It would appear a nearby power surge was able to cause internal damage to the logic CMOS IC's and a few more internal components.

Not all done the TX has also suffered damage on the audio input line yet to be fixed.


I have GB3ST at home now on the bench, it has a call-sign generator fault. Unfortunately I have had a couple of stays in hospital since and so had little time up to now to take a closer look.


Made a brief visit Monday evening all seemed in order (forgot to take a radio with me! yes I known...) reset everything just in case. Got home no improvement.

A second visit to site planned Thursday morning (24th).


Repeater remotely close-down Sunday morning due to the Logic controller not working correctly, no Morse call-signs etc.


Saturday morning locally on site a couple of power surges took place causing the site owners solar panel arrays to trip out. 

Hope to visit the site one evening this week.


Transmitter Antenna was a few degrees off from the normal vertical position, this was corrected today.

Thanks to Phil G4SCY and the site owner Peter for doing the work.


The repeater was off air again today, unsure as before why, a site visit arranged for Sunday take a look.


The repeater was off air all day, unsure what the fault was the other repeaters on site were working fine. A scheduled reboot at 4am Sunday morning on the 18th resolved the issue.



Came back on air after a 10 week break at 13:00 hours.

TX antenna return loss has changed to -16dB's on 433.2250MHz and the resonance part of the antenna has moved lower in frequency out of the 70cms band.

A replacement antenna (subject to funding available from the UKFM group) is required later in the year, this will improve reception on the fringe coverage areas.