A large number of the regular users on GB3VT are not members of the repeater group.


This repeater like all others is open and free for all licence amateurs to use.

But it is not free to keep on air, please support this repeater before it runs out of money and is gone for good.


GB3VT cost £193.79p to keep on air in 2019

This repeater requires internet access on a remote location this is not easy!

A special thank you to the site owner who allows these repeaters on his site at a very reasonable cost. Access to the local electricity supply and putting up with people turning up at the weekends to maintain the equipment.


D-Star Only Repeater

  • Channel RV58

  • Repeater Output: 145.7250 MHz  

  • Repeater input   : 145.1250 MHz



  • How access the D-Star Mode

    • Mode is “DV”

    • Your default is “CQCQCQ” or station being called

    • RPT1 (example) GB3VT**C (* = space)

    • RPT2 (example) GB3VT**G (* = space)

    • Leave 2 spaces between callsign and C or G

    • “G” for Gateway allows your call to be heard using a dongle or connected to a reflector

    • MYCALL is your own callsign without P or M

    • Your antenna polarization should be Vertical

    • Members - users are asked to please only connect the repeater to other D-star reflectors out of peak times or when things are quite. We (repeater group) request when finished using the repeater or before leaving the coverage area of the repeater to un-link and link back to reflector 079D.  



Fully operational and linking correctly.



Site visit today to upgrade the repeater to the G3 suite release of software which involved the replacement of the D-Star server hardware.


Thanks to Paul Middlehurst for providing the hardware and taking the time to do the work.

Not fully linking as yet Paul has to do some work remotely.