Location Werrington near Stoke-on-Trent. 

GB7ST is co-located with GB3ST, sharing the same antenna system providing similar coverage.

Timeslot 1: Talkgroups Only.

The static talkgroup list is kept small as all conversations will be heard on the repeater.  ie TG91 worldwide.


You can activate any TG, see the user activated list. Please listen for 3 minutes as a conversation may already be taking place  and may not connect correctly until the timer reset. Once activated the TG will remain active for the duration of the QSO and close a few minutes after becoming inactive.

Timeslot 2: Reflectors Only.


Reflectors work similar to the Dstar network. The easiest way to use the reflector is to program your radio first with Talkgroup 9 (local).


This is the only talkgroup you will need for a QSO on any reflector.

To link and unlink a reflector, program your radio with the reflector numbers as a personal/individual call (NOT A TALKGROUP) in your contacts folder.


To link to a reflector, select the reflector number from the contacts list and transmit for about 2 seconds. The repeater should respond with a voice announcement, "Linked to xxxx". Then using talkgroup 9 to start a QSO on timeslot 2.

To unlink select 4000 personal/individual call from the contacts list, transmit for about 2 seconds and you should hear the voice announcement "Not Linked".




  • Repeater output: 439.450MHz

  • Repeater Input:   430.450MHz

  • Colour code:  1

  • Connectivity: 

  • Time Slot 1 Talkgroups User activated

  • TG   9  - Local (Primary & RSGB News)

  • TG  92 - Europe

  • TG  93 - USA

  • TG  94 - Asia, Middle East

  • TG  95 - Australia, New Zealand

  • Full list of Talkgroups user activated

You may activate any Talkgroup from your radio terminal.

  • Time Slot 2 Reflectors              

  • TG 9 - Link to reflectors & Secondary Local

  • 4400 - UK National Reflector

  • 4401 - UK Chat 1

  • 4402 - UK Chat 2

  • 4403 - UK Chat 3

  • 4404 - Ireland

  • 4405 - Scotland

  • 4410 - South West

  • 4412 - North West

  • 4417 - Wales

  • 4418 - West Midlands

  • 4419 - East Midlands

  • 4420 - UK Link / Wires X Bridge

  • 4426 - Hubnet UK (Default)

  • 4639 - Worldwide (TG91)

  • Repeater 25 watts ERP

Information above is subject to change at short notice, suggestions welcome.





New base station equipment purchased and installed. Tests taking place on the Brandmeister network.

December 2019

Major hardware failure, off air.


Power restart resolved issue.

It has been noticed sometimes the AllStar connection may temporary drop out whilst a conversation is taking place.

Recommend before placing a call through the repeater monitor for 3 minutes. Then briefly key up the repeater to check you hear the double beep sound confirming access is clear for you to start.


AllStar node (Raspberry PI) locked up or crashed, not able to access remotely or able to take a look until the 22/09/2019. local only on Slot 1.


Echolink Slot 2 normal service. 


A 15 dB notch cavity has been installed in the RX path side (430.4500Mhz) of GB7ST to reduce desense from GB3ST TX frequency (433.2250Mhz).


A replacement 4 stack Jaybeam antenna has been installed, coverage back to normal.


Antenna system has deteriorated requiring a new a new antenna.


This is the time if you are not a member of the UKFM Group Western to join.



I have the help to install the antenna the group needs money to purchased one.

A 4 stack Jaybeam type professional antenna costs in the region of £300.


Network outage will take place between 1/1/2019 and 5/1/2019. Repeater will be in standalone mode only due to a change in Internet Service Provider.


Now networked to Hub-Net-UK and Echolink


GB7ST switched on for the first time today at 13:00 local time. 


Tests next few days to ensure RF coverage is as per predictions and no RF intermods with GB3ST are taking place. 


No network connection at this stage. 


Plan is for this repeater to replace GB7SI over the next few months at which point GB7SI will be close down pending a site move. 

Thank you to Phil G4SCY and the site owner Peter for your help today with the ladders. 


License arrived, time to pull my finger out! Summer project. To start GB7ST will operate similar to GB7SI and then GB7SI will become a testing platform for a muti-mode digital repeater. 


An application has been made to the ETCC for a Digital repeater.


Peter Leach

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