Radio Bit's

GB3MN GB3MR Equipment Rack

GB3MN Repeater FM/Fusion

GB3MR Antenna Filter Tray

GB3MR Repeater Tait 850 series

GB3MN Duplexer

RX Notch Cavities

TX Isolator with

50watt  Load

TX Notch Cavities

Bandpass Antenna Filter

Aviemore Summit Radio Site "The Igloo"

Long way to go if you can't open the door in the ice


Six cavity (8"diameter) duplexer system on the bench ready to go to the new site where single antenna working is required.

Radio Five Live 963KHz


Start Point in Devon 


Mast top stay wire breaks.


Pictures before demolition


Demolition of mast




549KHz AM mast in Co Monaghan Ireland. Repairing the mast lighting system in the video, I'm at ground level checking the 110 volt armoured cable feed to the mast. Patsy should not have been climbing this mast, broke his arm in eleven places 10 years ago.  

Internal coupling loop before (left side) and after modification work. The original loop was tuned to operate on 210MHz, but more important the shape is critical and the insertion of a tuning capacitor. This took many hours to perfect even with access to nice test equipment.

Arrow shows location of the loop inside the cavity chamber

This is the internal adjustable resonator inside the cavity, it has to be a 1/4 wavelength, this was also short for the 2 metre band (210 MHz). I modified this using a bake beans can and a jubilee clip.

DMR Pulse

Demolition of the AFN masts officially known as the Weißkirchen Transmitter Site, it was maintained and operated by American Forces Network Europe until its closure in May 2013.


The facility opened in 1951 and was the largest AM transmitter site in Europe used by AFN. It transmitted on 873 kHz, with a power of 150 kilowatts.


The complex was made up of three guyed lattice steel masts, each more than 280 feet tall, all arranged in a straight row with a distance of nearly 460 feet between each. During the day, only one mast was normally used for omnidirectional radiation. At night all three masts would be powered up for directional radiation.