A large number of the regular users on GB3ST are not members. This repeater like all others is open and free for all licence amateurs to use.


But it is not free to keep on air, please support this repeater before this free service runs out of money and is gone for good.


GB3ST cost £139.55p to keep on air in 2019




  • Channel RB09

  • Repeater Output: 433.2250 MHz  

  • Repeater input   : 434.8250 MHz

  • CTCSS tone 103.5Hz

  • Access requires 4 secs of carrier to latch open

  • Abuse status : Fair, operational 24 hours per day


July 2020

Site visit replaced faulty cooling fans back on full power.


It would appear the second cooling fan for the RF PA section on the transmitter has failed. So the repeater automatically switches to reduced power and will without notice close-down if the internal temperature becomes too high in this warmer weather.

Access to site with the COVID-19 rules is not possible at the moment and the site owner is in self isolation.


Replaced faulty cooling fan on the power supply unit, still have an outstanding alarm on the base station to resolve so RF output operating on half power.


Antenna system has deteriorated requiring a new antenna.


This is the time if you are not a member of the UKFM Group Western to join. I have the help to install the antenna the group needs money to purchased one.

A professional antenna costs in the region of £300.



Repeater was back on-air today, approx midday. 

A very brief break in the electricity supply at site took place just after 17:35 on the 13/01/19. This caused the internet to go down and GB3ST hardware locked up requiring the site owner (Peter) to give the repeater a longer power off & on, all was well.


Few! Just over a year since the last break down.


Thank you to the site owner Peter. 


Antenna repairs completed and two cooling fans replaced in the repeater.


Off air due to a cooling fan failure in the repeater. Antenna issue has been fixed.


Mark II logic failed under soak tests so a back up logic system at the last minute has been installed, so we have a different sound.

Repeater now back on site and operational at full power.