March 2020

Site moved to new site northern side in Leek, Staffordshire

February 2020

Tests using a Hytera RD985S base station on the Phoenix network

April 2019

Tests linking to the Phoenix network



Tests linking to BrandMeister taking place


Equipment upgrade planned soon, maybe off air a few weeks at a time whilst things are moved around.


Taken off air due to poor and broken audio.


Local power surge followed by a 2 hour power cut at 15:15 hours took the repeater off-air. Full service was not restored until 20:10 hours after a burnt out power supply unit was replaced restoring Time slot one Talk Group one service.


Echolink operational connected to TimeSlot 2 uses Talk-Group 9 Local. Please leave a 4 second gap between overs to allow timer resets in the system.


Echolink interface onto TimeSlot 2 is taking place at the moment and will affect normal service over the next few days on both Time Slots.


EchoLink connection to GB7SI will be the next project, ID number 43310 has now been registered. Which Time-Slot, Talk-Group has yet to be decided and the purchased of further hardware will delay the launch.



ALLStar node connection now active and fully operational after a few one way audio issues last week.


Talk-time limit is 3 minutes and leave a 4 second break between overs to allow all the Node connections to reset.

Remember if your QSO is between just local DMR stations on Time-Slot 1, Talk-Group 1, your conversation is also going via the ALLStar network world wide. This would then stop another conversation from taking place via HubNet UK node 41522, so please move any local DMR QSO onto Time-Slot 2, Talk-Group 9, thank you.

DMR Radios

Largest TFT LCD Display
Largest TFT LCD Display